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DMEC 2022 • Round 6 • Season Finale

piątek 30.09.2022 - sobota 01.10.2022
Łódź, woj. ŁÓDZKIE
After the Kazimierz Górski Stadium in Płock and Torún’s Speedway Stadium were permanently placed in the DMEC history books, it may have appeared that the days of a stadium event in Drift Masters were over, but we’re delighted to announced that in 2022 a stadium event returns to the DMEC calendar!
For our season finale, we will be heading to the Moto Arena in Łódź, where a custom-built circuit will be constructed to make sure the 2022 title fight goes down to the absolute wire.
With our previous 5 rounds already pushing our drivers and their machinery to near breaking-point, our season finale will prove that to become a champion, one driver must push harder than they ever though possible to have their name engraved on the Drift Masters European Championship trophy.
For more information about this event please see www.driftmasters.gp.
For tickets see www.ebilet.pl.